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 Gabriela Schutz                                                                                        June 2015Share 

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You are invited to see an art trail of my work
in the streets, cafes, bars and shops of Bounds Green
from Friday 26/6 to 18/7.
It is a nice opportunity to see good art,
find some local beauty spots
and visit lovely venues in my neck of the woods.

'Where We First Kissed- Screen 1' (view of the Tunnel Gardens in Bounds Green)
oil on canvas, 125/ 80 cm, 2013, Gabriela Schutz (photo by Anthony Limburg)

Here is the trail map.
You can also win the etching below!
By sharing 7 art works from the trail on Twitter or Facebook
you can enter the prize draw. 
(Don't forget to tag me so that I will know that you have done so!
(@SchutzGabriela or gabriela.schutz.5)
The lucky winner will be notified by the 25/7.

Your 5 a day- Mushrooms’, etching on paper, edition of 25,18/18 cm (plate size) 2013, Gabriela Schutz

About the etching:
‘Your 5 a Day’ series is a contemporary take on fruit and vegetable still life.

We are told we should eat 5 of them a day, we want them throughout the seasons, we want them now!
So they need to be wrapped in squared plastic and cellophane structures in order to maximize the quantities
transported, and in order to be protected during the long journeys from remote and exotic countries.

The packaging removes us from nature and unify the produce, yet I also find beauty in this functional design.

Please don't forget the trail map....

About my work:

Technology, communication and images dominate our life at the moment; Photographs are being taken and shared immediately and constantly. The images on our screen-savers and on social networks are of nice places we’ve been to, our kids, etc... Mostly they portray us as successful and interesting people- We market ourselves. We then seek the quick gratification of being ‘Liked’ and being noticed by other people on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This ‘Feedback’ helps us to improve ourselves after all... We become products in our consumerist society.
Icons of programs and Apps on our phones are superimposed on our photos- the icons communicate their use in the most succinct and simple way- a suitable method for an impatient society that wants everything now. We view images through constant noise; behind those icons or beneath a text. I find it interesting to superimpose image with ‘disruptions’ on and  check how far our brain can still focus on one thing. 
All this information we facing alone, staring at our phones. The solitary symbol figures in my work that are texting and having a coffee to go, are physically present, but mentally they are not.
I’m fascinated and at times apprehensive, with the way technology, information, communication and consumerism are increasingly shaping our life. By painting, printing, creating installations and involving the viewers in taking part in my works, I defeat the fast, impatient continuum of noisy information while enjoying discovering its aesthetics.
In the Holyland series, I am looking at how the architecture and demography of a place reflects on its social, cultural and political agendas.  Looking at Israel as an Israeli who no longer lives there, I am attempting to view the subject as Romantic painters viewed and depicted the Holy Land, and explorers of the Enlightenment period attempted to record the world as accurately as possible.  With the curiosity of an outsider but with the insider’s knowledge of what to focus on, the seemingly pastoral works reveal the strong emotions and tensions.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Warm Regards,


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