Deep-layer messages cards, especially suited to 

people who are moving forward on the path of personal development.
The cards will assist you in refining and redirecting yourself towards the best-suited and most precise path for you.
They can be used either as a personal tool or as part of a professional process (e.g. in counseling, coaching, therapy etc.), or both.

Nice to meet you,
My name is Chelly Podeh - I am a Reiki Master and a Creator - a seminar leader, therapist and a lecturer.
Just like you and everyone else, I often experienced very challenging periods.
The lessons and challenges along the way thurought my life - combined with my personal and professional practice,
inspired me to create magical and unique messages cards:

       ...Clients say           

Dear Chelly,
I loved the cards and their expressions,
that touch deep layers of the inner self.
The cards connect to a very high awareness,
and enable a compassionate attachment,
out of inspiration of inner calmness
and willingness to be revealed to ourselves. 
With loving thanks and appreciation,
Dr. Shulamit Ronen
Light Sound & Color Therapy
Chelly's Reiky Cards are Intelligent, deep, unique and effective!!
Chelly wisely felt and recognized what should be said, 
asked and thought.
As a Numerologist and a Therapist,
I work with various kinds of cards.
Based on my experience, opinion and feeling -
Chelly's Reiky Cards are definitely one of the best. 
Working with them is fun and feels right.
I highly reccommand!!!
Ruth Lan
Numerology & Counceling
Inspire you
motivate you
empower you
connect with your intuition
lead you to the best-suited and most precise path for you

The pack contains:
1. 45 laninated cards with rounded corners,
size 8 x 12 cm (3.15 x 4.72 inches).
2. Lovely Designed Card Box,
size 9.3 x 13 x 3.3 cm (3.66 x5.12 x 1.3 
3. An Instruction Guide, that contains suggestions for using the cards. 
However, you may use them any other
simple, intuitive and creative way you see fit.

You can purchase the cards either in an English or a Hebrew version.

The cards are 55 USD  + 12 USD shipping (Total including shipping: 67 USD).

,( If you wish to purchase both versions of the cards ( English & Hebrew
.the cards are 55 USD per each version + 12 USD shipping
(Total including shipping: 122 USD)

.(Alternatively, 50 EUR  + 10 EUR shipping (Total including shipping: 60 EUR

,( If you wish to purchase both versions of the cards ( English & Hebrew
.the cards are 50 EUR per each version + 10 EUR shipping
(Total including shipping: 110 EUR)

Isreali customers may pay by bit / PayBox / Pepper Pay or credit card.
They can get the cards by registered mail, 
 or pick them up personally (by appointment) from Haifa/ Yoqneam, Israel.

      Words that warmed my heart...   

The cards are amazing and so spot-on!
I have no doubt that they will be a huge success.
Tzachi Elgai - D.J. & Photographer 
  Chelly, a Light Messenger. A Graceful Reiki Master. 
For me - the unique Reiki Cards Chelly created 
are a source of inspiration.
It's fun to start the day by picking an empowering card,
It's fun to use them for advise or consulting to
a friend, circle of friends or patients.
I discovered that they are precise and lead you -
at the right place and at the right time.
Thank you love.
I wish the universe will light you in abundance, 
as much as you generously spread light to the world.
Adva Azulay - Holistic Therapy

I can't wait until I get these wonderful cards!
Each and every sentence is short, 
but it contains the whole world.
Every time I picked a card or more to myself,
I got a precise message for me!!!
Thank you Chelly,
Iris Smulian - Graffisimo Design Studio

Dear Chelly,
Thank you for the magical cards you created.
I often use them in sessions,
for personal messages to others, as well as for myself.
They are always accurate and echo tenderly and pleasantly.
Thank you for the light that you are.
Orly Gilad - Body-Soul Therapist

That's your chance to give yourself and to the people you care for -
a unique present, that will empower and strengthen you!
I'm attaching a loving warm hug from me,
as provisions for the rest of the journey!
Chelly Podeh - Master Reiki  

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