100 ROYALTY meals
By @Avivit Aviram

Act like a KING - Eat like a BOSS

I'm Avivit Aviram !
3 things you should know about me:
I love food!
I'm addicted to healthy lifestyle
Will never EVER give on pleasure and joy in life!

 I am certified culinary scientist, studied nutrition science and Master Yoga in the United States and
I am entrepreneur at heart!

I believe that you do not have to sacrifice a delicious diet to improve your quality of life,
you can enjoy and improve your quality life at the same time!

 Based on unique scientific model, the ROYALTY code plan guides thousands of people around the world to eat TRIPLE enjoyably food and loose weight each and every week as part of LIFE,
without counting calories or points and without

 The brand new Royalty Ebook is your guide to a better healthier life by eating the right way, giving you the best collection of scientificly proven receipts in 10 different categories and mostly
TURN your head all upside down and TRANSFER the way you think about food.

- The 100 Royalty meals Ebook includes -

84 colorful pages of easy to read creative SUPER healthy meal.


The best 100 healthy receipts combinations to reduce your body fat with the
"10 Kg in 90 days" method.
⦿ Tasteful dressings and toppings to boost your metabolism for optical fat loss.

⦿ Specific & Uniques combination for body cleansing and detoxification to achieve optimal health.

⦿ Features "3-10 minute quick fix" - easy-to-makereceipts , less than 10 minutes!.

⦿ 15 enjoyable, most tasteful, calorie -friendly desserts you wont forget!

⦿ 10 different food categories.

⦿ Suitable for Meat friendly, vegetarian and vegan.


- Satisfied customers -

"So lucky to have found the book, it really changed my eating habits"
"with the 100 Royalty meals book, I can now eat tasteful desserts without compromising on my health, it's a great feeling!"
"Since I started following the Royalty book, I lost almost 25 lbs In 100 days!"
"I couldnt believe it can be so easy to make! As a very busy dentist, this ebook changes our entire lifestyle, Thank you Avivit"